Privacy Policy

The world of online gambling often gets a bad reputation for being disreputable and untrustworthy. Anytime there is an exchanging of money or information, people are likely to be suspicious, and rightfully so. wants to help alleviate some of those suspicions. Our website’s goal is to provide a safe place for gambling enthusiasts to find resources and information. We want our users to feel confident using our services, and not have worries looming in the back of their minds.

One way to ensure our users feel at ease using is through complete transparency. In order to give you that transparency, we’ve outlined exactly what happens with your information once you’ve come to this site. The information collected by will only go to benefit the running and continued operation of this site. Your information will be used to:

1. Assist us with monitoring our client base and helping us improve our site function

2. Tailoring our content to better suit our client base

3. To understand the demographic of users we are reaching will not sell your information to any other websites or companies. However, it’s important to understand that some of the links on our website will redirect you to sites outside of our control. While your information may be secure while browsing, we cannot vouch for any other website you may be taken to while browsing; so please make sure you read and understand the privacy policies of any new websites you visit.