About Us

My love of casino games and gambling goes back many, many years. I find the social aspects of casinos and the uncertainty of games to be thrilling. My enthusiasm for casino games led me to become a croupier for several years. After my time working on the floor of a casino, I wanted to find a way to continue to have gambling and casinos in my life. It was during my search for a new outlet that eidolon.ch was born.

I discovered that finding online casinos was easy, but finding reliable information about gambling and casinos in general was a bit more difficult. Eidolon.ch is a channel for me to disperse information regarding the vast world of online gambling —specifically Swiss casinos and the merits of PayPal. I created this website to not only help others who may be as equally frustrated as I was, but to also open the lines of communication with people who share my love of gambling. As with any hobby, finding other like-minded people is half of the fun. I hope that eidolon.ch can be a useful resource to my fellow gambling enthusiasts, and I also hope that this site can be a platform for exciting gambling related conversation!