Switzerland is a country best known for its beautiful landscape, delicious chocolate, pragmatic neutrality and top-notch banks. In fact, when you think of Switzerland, the thought of gambling may not even pop into your mind. It’s understandable that casinos may not be at the forefront of your mind —after all the country didn’t even legalize gambling until 1993. Despite their late entrance into the world of gambling, Switzerland has made up for lost time and now has some of the best casinos in the world. Eidolon.ch is here to help you locate and get familiar with all the casinos Switzerland has to offer. Take a look at the map we’ve provided to acquaint yourself with the casinos throughout Switzerland, and continue reading to educate yourself on some basic Swiss casino facts.

Switzerland is divided into mini-states called cantons. There are a total of 26 cantons in Switzerland. Spread across these 26 cantons there are 20 casinos. All of the casinos of Switzerland are fairly spaced out —there is no more than one casino in any canton. These casinos are also fairly diverse in terms of size. One of the smaller casinos in Switzerland has a modest 80 slot machines and only 6 card playing tables. However, there are other casinos throughout Switzerland that boast over 400 gaming machines and over 30 card playing tables. Swiss casinos all offer your standard casino games, such as: blackjack, slots, poker, and roulette.

As mentioned above, the casinos of Switzerland are fairly spread out over the country, but there is a higher concentration in certain areas. By looking at the map we’ve provided, you can see that the northern and eastern parts of Switzerland are where the majority of the casinos are located. The middle of the country and the southern region are much more sparse, with the exception of the southern tip where a cluster of three casinos are located. With Zurich being one of the most populated cantons in Switzerland, it’s no surprise that the largest cluster of casinos is around this region.

Even though the concept of legal gambling and casinos is a fairly new experience for Swiss citizens, the population seems to have taken a quick liking to casino games. They even host their very own world-renowned poker tournament. Poker is the game of choice for Swiss players, and in 2006 a tournament was introduced to find the best poker players from around the country. The Swiss Open Poker Championship has grown to not only be an opportunity for great Swiss players, but also the best players from all over Europe.

The popularity of gambling and casinos in Switzerland was almost immediate. Over 50% of the population participate in the lottery and one fifth of the population deem themselves frequent gamblers. With such enthusiasm for gambling, it was only a matter of time before Swiss citizens moved on to the world of online gambling and online casinos. Online casinos have gained popularity and profit every year since the late 1990s —and they show no signs of slowing down. In 2009 the market value of online gambling was roughly $20 billion. In 2017 –not even a full decade later- that number more than doubled to $47 billion. It’s easy to see that online gambling will continue to thrive in an online market, which is why more and more legitimate businesses are joining the ranks. Internet commerce giant PayPal has now teamed up with dozens of online casinos to provide safe, legitimate transfer services.

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